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What does “No Cheesy DJ’s™” mean? Our philosophy is that weddings are classy celebrations. The Bride looks stunning in a fancy new wedding gown and the groom is wearing a tailored tuxedo. You have invited the most important people in your life to celebrate your marriage. Wedding receptions are elegant and fun occasions. You have planned for this day for months and months and cautiously spent a small fortune. You will have a professional photographer capturing the day and reception. Why turn it into a kids party with a DJ throwing out sun glasses, blow up guitars and YMCA outfits? You are the host and hostess of a wedding, not a fraternity party. Your wedding reception should be elegant and equally fun! As a Bride and Groom, you and your guests will generate plenty of excitement with out cheap props and DJ’s jumping up and down and dancing on the tables trying to create a “crazy” wedding. Our philosophy is a DJ making announcements and playing your music in a professional way that captivates the mood that reflects your style.

Our philosophy is that you and your guests do not need an “entertainer,” you are hiring a professional Disc Jockey. The Bride and Groom are the focus of the attention, not the DJ. As a DJ we are the emcee, the music selector, the wedding coordinator, the lighting and sound technician and so much more. We play the music you want to dance to and avoid the music you do not want to hear. We do not throw in the same CD played at every wedding and put on a “show.”  We will never embarrass you or your guests trying to be funny. Adults do not need blow up props or obnoxious DJ’s to make a wedding reception “fun.” Do you really want to get your wedding pictures back with dime store props in the photos?

Another important fact is that we do not have big banners advertising our DJ services hanging behind our heads or drawing attention to ourselves. In this day and age of “in your face” marketing and advertising the subtle DJ is a rare find. Your wedding is about class.  Your wedding is an elegant affair; your DJ should be as well. This philosophy has served us well for close to 10 years. We have one of the finest reputations in Cleveland. More and more Brides and wedding planners want the kind of mature, classy and fun wedding reception we deliver.

People have impressions about a professional wedding DJ and we have been breaking the mold for a decade and creating a new image. “No Cheesy DJ’s™” is a motto that most people laugh about when they hear it because they understand exactly what we mean. We are the refined alternative to the loud and overbearing Disc Jockey.



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